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Random quotes
DontFearDaReaperThere are not enough Indians in the world to defeat the Seventh Cavalry. "George A. Custer"
DontFearDaReaperI have only one eye. Do you want me to look at the road or the at the speedometer. "Moshe Dayan"
DontFearDaReaperA battle won is a battle which we will not acknowledge to be lost. "Ferdinand Foch"
DontFearDaReaperAirplanes are interesting toys, but of no military value. "Ferdinand Foch"
DontFearDaReaperNo damn man kills me and lives. "Nathan Bedford Forrest"
DontFearDaReaperIt is sometimes tougher to fight my superiors than the French. "Heinz Guderian"
DontFearDaReaperI wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast; for I intend to go in harm's way. "John Paul Jones"
DontFearDaReaperOh, go in anywhere Colonel, go in anywhere. You'll find lovely fighting all along the line. "Philip Kearny"
DontFearDaReaperIf you kill enough of them, they stop fighting. "Curtis Lemay"
DontFearDaReaperGentlemen, when the enemy is committed to a mistake we must not interrupt him too soon. "Horatio Nelson"
DontFearDaReaperA good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week. "George S. Patton"
DontFearDaReaperIf you are going to sin, sin against God, not the bureaucracy. God will forgive you but the bureaucracy won't. "Hyman Rickover"
DontFearDaReaperThe SA is, and remains, Germany's destiny. "Ernst Rohm"
DontFearDaReaperGrant stood by me when I was crazy, and I stood by him when he was drunk, and now we stand by each other. "William Tecumseh Sherman"
DontFearDaReaperArmy life don't agree with me. "Private Eddie Slovik"
DontFearDaReaperI was participating in my own lynching, but the problem was I didn't know what I was being lynched for. "William Westmoreland"
DontFearDaReaperWar does not determine who is right — only who is left. "Bertrand Russell"
DontFearDaReaperAll right, they're on our left, they're on our right, they're in front of us, they're behind us....they can't get away this time. "Chesty Puller"
DontFearDaReaperWars never hurt anybody except the people who die. "Salavdor Dali"
DontFearDaReaperIf there were no bad people there would be no good lawyers. "Charles Dickens"
DontFearDaReaperWar is the unfolding of miscalculations. "Barbera Tuchman"
DontFearDaReaperThe only winner in the War of 1812 was Tchaikovsky. "Solomon Short"
DontFearDaReaperWar is a series of catastrophes that results in a victory. "Georges Clemenceau"
DontFearDaReaperThe quickest way to end a war is to lose it. "George Orwell "
DontFearDaReaperNever interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. "Napoléon Bonaparte"
GHG-RobGiven the same amount of intelligence, timidity will do a thousand times more damage than audacity. - von Clausewitz
DontFearDaReaperHe who defends everything defends nothing. "Frederick the Great"
DontFearDaReaperStrategy requires thought, tactics require observation. "Max Euwe"
DontFearDaReaperCourage is fear holding on a minute longer. "George S. Patton Jr"
DontFearDaReaperThe clever combatant imposes his will on the enemy, but does not allow the enemy's will to be imposed on him. "Sun Tzu"
DontFearDaReaperI am convinced that battle is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. "Scipio Africanus"
DontFearDaReaperThe best form of defense is attack. "Karl von Clausewitz"
DontFearDaReaperThe battlefield is a scene of constant chaos. The winner will be the one who controls that chaos, both his own and his enemies. "Napoleon Bonaparte"
DontFearDaReaperThe score never interested me, only the game. "Mae West"
DontFearDaReaperAn army of asses led by a lion is better than an army of lions led by an ass. "George Washington"
DontFearDaReaperThe graveyards are full of indispensable men. "Charles deGaulle"
Trench_RaiderAs for the Communists who refuse to lay down their arms, we'll deal with them as we always have. We'll kill 'em. "Ron Reid Daly"
Trench_RaiderI was the king of Sweden. "Gustavus II Adolphus"
cdingleyNever get involved in a land war in Asia. "Vizzini"
cdingleyThey couldn't hit an elephant at this dist.... "John Sedgwick"
cdingleyBenteen-Come on-Big village-Be quick-Bring packs. P. S. Bring pacs. "George A. Custer"
Brady"They whupped us today. We'll lick 'em tomorrow, though." —U.S. Grant after the first day of Shiloh
Brady"You'd be a better general if you rolled better dice." —The Unknown Grognard
Brady"Give 'em a good shake and roll the dice, curse you!" —The Unknown Grognard
Brady"I can shoot you, but you can't shoot me!!!" —The Ubiquitous Weasel
Brady"What's 'Corner Boy' gonna do???" —The New Bee
Brady"Well, the rules don't strictly prohibit this." —The Rules Lawyer
Brady"Mmm, no. No, I don't think I moved these this turn." —The Ubiquitous Weasel
Brady"I'm sorry. There's no 'rolling-ahead-of-time.'" —The Unknown Grognard
Brady"An SS PanzerGrenadier Battalion with a Schwere Panzer Kompanie is cool, I suppose—if you think Nazi-flavored list cheese is cool." —The Unknown Grognard
Brady"You should be thinking on MY turn, too, so take YOUR turn already!" —The Unknown Grognard
Brady"Ha! The line-of-fire just touches the corner of your stand!" —The Ubiquitous Weasel
Brady"We wouldn't have these problems if we played on a hex-grid." —Chad Hexancounter
Brady"LOS is blocked not because it crosses either hexside, but because it travels along the intervening hex spine." —Chad Hexancounter
Brady"I...wait...where did these guys start from again?" —The Ubiquitous Weasel
Brady"Only wargames offer a fair fight." —The Unknown Grognard
Brady"Wow! Four box cars in a row! You are a mighty warrior!" —The New Bee
Brady"Gentlemen, get the thing straight once and for all: the policeman isn't there to create disorder, the policeman is there to preserve disorder." —Mayor Richard J. Daley
Brady"You'd be a much more tranquil, pliant, and upwardly mobile human being if you played go." —Go Chi Minh
Brady"Fun? Laughter? What are these things compared to go? They are nothing, that's what." —Go Chi Minh
Brady"Of course we laugh. On the inside. Our joy is boundless. It's simply not shared. This is the tranquility of go." —Go Chi Minh
Brady"If you find it necessary—and you are not playing go—unguarded expression is permitted between the hours of 12–6 p.m., Sundays only." —Go Chi Minh
Brady"How did the Germans lose the war??? According to these rules, they had all of the best toys!" —The New Bee
Brady"Definition: Soak-Off Attack: A board wargaming tactic whereby a regiment is ordered to perform a herculean task that a division wouldn't." —The Gamer's Glossary
Brady"Yes, it's a half-track with an 81mm mortar. But in the game, it's a tank: armored, non-transport, tracked vehicle with main armament of 45mm or greater." —The Rules Lawyer
Brady"Definition: Analysis/Paralysis: A condition where the contemplation of available choices in a game surpasses the gamer's ability to FRIGGIN' PICK ONE." —The Gamer's Glossary
Brady"Beware the poorly-painted miniatures. Their owners spend much more time reading the rules!" —The Unknown Grognard
Brady"Each turn represents one hour of real time—to play." —Chad Hexancounter
Brady"En Passant, Castling, and Pawn Promotion are as close to cheating as Chess allows." —Chester Chessmaster
Brady"It's his favorite game. I can tell because I sold him five copies!" —Ye Ølde Shöppekeepe
Brady"Okay! I brought my bucket full of dice! Which way to the games workshop???" —The New Bee
Brady"Fork me?!? Well...There! Fork you!!!" —Chester Chessmaster
Brady"We call that move 'a sick bird.' Because it's ILLEGAL!" —The Unknown Grognard
Brady"Football is a game of inches. So are miniatures games—give or take a few." —The Ubiquitous Weasel
Epheus“Nicht kleckern, klotzen!”, Heinz Guderian's
Brady"Fox tails belong on foxes." —The Unknown Grognard
Brady"Tanks bog but never collide. Curious." —The New Bee
Brady"Roll a die? And leave a ruling to chance???" —The Rules Lawyer
Brady"There's already a Desert Fox and the Desert Rats. Quit trying so hard to be the Desert Weasel." —The Unknown Grognard
Panda"There is no ‘overkill.’ There is only ‘Open Fire’ and ‘Reload.’" -- Anonymous
Panda"I would compete in the Olympic Games only if I have kings to run against me." - Alexander the Great
Brady"Fighter pilots have The Right Stuff. Guess I just have The Right List!" —The Ubiquitous Weasel
Brady"Oooh. Those miniatures are the wrong scale for that game. You'll need to buy new ones!" —Ye Ølde Shöppekeepe
Brady"Beware the side-of-the-board march!" —The Unknown Grognard
Brady"Definition: Turtle or Turtling: A boardgaming tactic whereby a player never sticks his neck out for anyone or anything with the full expectation of winning the game."
Brady"Boom. Crush. Night, losers. Winning! Duh!" —Charlie Sheen
Brady"I have defeated this earthworm with my words. Imagine what I would have done with my fire breathing fists." —Charlie Sheen
Brady"As kids we're not taught how to deal with success. We're taught how to deal with failure. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. If at first you succeed, then what?" —Charlie Sheen
Brady"I tried marriage. I'm 0 for 3 with the marriage thing. So, being a ballplayer, I believe in numbers. I'm not going 0 for 4. I'm not wearing a golden sombrero." —Charlie Sheen
Brady"I'm dealing with fools and trolls and soft targets. It's just strafing runs in my underwear before my first cup of coffee. I don't have time for these clowns." —Charlie Sheen
Brady"I'm different. I have a different constitution. I have a different brain. I have a different heart. I got tiger blood, man. Dying is for fools. Dying is for amateurs." —Charlie Sheen
Brady"I'm here and I'm ready. They're not. Bring it." —Charlie Sheen
Brady"Most of the time—and this includes naps—I'm an F-18, bro'. And I will destroy you in the air. I will deploy my ordinance to the ground." —Charlie Sheen
Brady"Life all comes down to a few moments. This is one of them." —Charlie Sheen
Brady"People say you have to work on your resentments. Yeah, no, I'm gonna hang onto them and they're gonna fuel my attack." —Charlie Sheen
Brady"The only thing I'm addicted to is winning. This bootleg cult, arrogantly referred to as Alcoholics Anonymous, reports a 5% success rate. My success rate is 100%." —Charlie Sheen
Brady"Uncertainty is a sign of humility, and humility is just the ability or the willingness to learn." —Charlie Sheen
Brady"Usually in a battle sequence when a bomb is going off, you forget you're acting." —Charlie Sheen
Brady"When friends asked me, 'Can we help?' I'd say, 'Not unless you can alter time, speed up the harvest or teleport me off this rock.' I used that line from Star Wars." —Charlie Sheen
Brady"I am on a drug. It's called 'Charlie Sheen.' It's not available because if you try it once you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body." —Charlie Sheen
Skarl"The moral is to the physical as three to one." - Napoleon Bonaparte
Skarl"Doctors will have more lives to answer for in the next world than even we generals." - Napoleon Bonaparte
Skarl"You must not fight too often with one enemy, or you will teach him all your art of war." - Napoleon Bonaparte
Skarl"Soldiers generally win battles; generals get credit for them." - Napoleon Bonaparte
Skarl"God is on the side with the best artillery." - Napoleon Bonaparte
Skarl"Strategy is the art of making use of time and space. I am less concerned about the later than the former. Space we can recover, lost time never." - Napoleon Bonaparte
Skarl"If the art of war were nothing but the art of avoiding risks, glory would become the prey of mediocre minds. I have made all the calculations, fate will do the rest." - Napoleon Bonaparte
Skarl"A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon." - Napoleon Bonaparte
Skarl"Generals who save troops for the next day are always beaten." - Napoleon Bonaparte
Skarl"Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever." - Napoleon Bonaparte
Skarl"I'd rather have a slice of victory rather than the whole pie of defeat." - The Unknown Grognard
ronkewin"It is of my opinion that the people are intending." - Michael Nesmith
ronkewin"The bayonet is useful for everything except sitting on." - Napoleon
Brady"Oh, missed stays, did'je? That'll learn ye not t'roll wooden dice." —Naughty Cal, the Gaming Pirate
Brady"If ye don't 'count fer whither the sea cocks be open or closed, 't'ain't a man's game ye be playin'!" —Naughty Cal, the Gaming Pirate
Brady"Bows on, lads. Bows on t'all trouble at sea. And t'sea when troubled on land!" —Naughty Cal, the Gaming Pirate
Brady"Aye, been to Davey Jones' Locker once. Good lot o' games he was sellin', too!" —Naughty Cal, the Gaming Pirate
Brady"Oh, a 'grognard,' ahr'ye? And what troubles have ye t'belly-ache about?!?" —Naughty Cal, the Gaming Pirate
Brady"Napoleon the Great! All the way to his bleedin' ankles, that lubber was." —Naughty Cal, the Gaming Pirate
Brady"Aye, ye twigged it, Jack! T'is "Wooden Ships & Iron Men" we be playin', shor'. Thankee fer askin'." —Naughty Cal, the Gaming Pirate
Brady"'Do your worst?' That's all I've been doing!" The New Bee
Brady"Hey, Stranger! How 'bout'cher gimme some freebie Hop-a-long Hoplite figgers what'cher ain't painted yit? Can yer bring'em to me nexter week???" —Russell the Figger Rustler
Brady"Yeah, Ah tooker the lib-ber-tee of liberatin' some Romansker file figgers from the boxer I'm sellerin' to ya. Hoper yer don't minder too much, Neighbor!" —Russell the Figger Rustler
Brady"For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself for the battle?" —St. Paul, 1st Corinthians 14:8
Brady"A rat will pick the rule book over the history book to gnaw upon. 'Cause that's where the CHEESE is." —The Unknown Grognard
Brady"Yer know why they calls 'em Swedes, don'cher? Cuz yer scweded 'em to me!" —Russell the Figger Rustler
RazorMind"Nunc est Bibendum" Latin for Now is the time for Drinking
Brady"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize" —Voltaire
Brady"The Ubiquitous Weasel and the Rules Lawyer are opening a new gaming store together. Knowing them, they'll call it THE CHEESE SHOP!" —The Unknown Grognard
Brady"It's the sixth time I've played it. But my first with an opponent." —Victor, the Destroyer
Brady"We'll need two 6'x4' tables. One of which we'll actually play on." —Spencer Spreadout
Brady"We can but possess our souls in patience and see if those cads even show." —Sherlock 'olmes (While waiting for his organized play opponents.)
Brady"This book is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes." —Sherlock 'olmes (While thumbing through a rulebook.)
Brady"History does not repeat itself. But it does rhyme." —Mark Twain
Brady"When a rules lawyer does go wrong, he is the first of cheaty blackguards. He has the nerve and he has the knowledge." —Sherlock 'olmes (Before going into a tournament.)
Brady"Nothing clears up a rule so much as sharing the book with another player." —Sherlock 'olmes (After settling a rules argument.)
Brady"Well, _between_ your dice and mine, they are statistically average." —The Unknown Grognard
Brady"Closing time already? I'll just hang on to Shöppekeepe's terrain till next month's game." —Spencer Spreadout
Brady"Hey! I'm one point behind New Bee! Play that card on someone else!" —Victor, the Destroyer
Brady"I went to a wine and cheese party yesterday. Not at all what I expected it to be." —The Ubiquitous Weasel
Brady"Once upon a midnight nearly, I read a rulebook bleak and dreary..." —Edgar Alan Foe
Brady"It was an awesome game. Even better, I knew all the rules. Best of all, my opponent didn't!" —Victor, the Destroyer
Brady"Gloating is the tribute braggarts pay to the capable." —The Unknown Grognard
Brady"Ah! Stock manipulation! The heart of any good game about locomotives and rail-building!" —Choo-Choo Charlie
Brady"I love ferries." —Choo-Choo Charlie
Brady"Everyone knows the West was won by dumping out loads of tobacco to pick up uranium!" —Choo-Choo Charlie

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